Adnama19 is a great lover of Seddie and iCarly. She has been a fan since she was flipping channels with nothing to watch on TV (not having seen much of Nick yet) and noticing a rerun of iKiss in late January 2009. Ever since then, she has been addicted to the show.

She has written 9 iCarly stories, with many, many half-written stories hidden deep in the bowels of her computer. Her top story, iBet Sam, has garnered well over 15,000 hits and was nominated for a UFO Award . Although she did not win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, she was still immensely honored to be selected to help represent iCarly (along with 8 other nominees) amid thousands of possible stories.




Description Rating

iBet Sam

Freddie loves Sam. She hates him. Then when something happens, her view of him is completely changed. Carly gets hurt. Freddie gets hurt. Sam gets hurt. Betrayal, love, happiness, sadness, crying, kissing, and Seddie occur.

iTake a Compatibility Test When Carly introduces a new contest on iCarly, craziness is sure to happen. Freddie will go on a date with three subjects. iCarly viewers are chosen. And a crazy person appears... K+
Her Samantha and Fred are the closest two people can be; they are the best of friends. They will do anything for each other and love each other like siblings. But, then one day she comes to school. Her. Her name is Carly Shay. Oneshot, very AU. K
One Wrong Move Destroys Freddie does something wrong. It destroys her. Sam wants to kill him. Short oneshot, NON-SHIP SPECIFIC! Creddiers will probably like it better though. Trio friendship/angst. K+
Mittens Short, fluffy little oneshot I just wrote out of the blue. K+
100 Seddie Words A challenge given by MackenzieGirl. 100 Seddie drabbles with 100 random words! K+/T
iGo To Hollywood When the entire ninth grade goes on a school trip to Hollywood, Sam realizes there's no way she can go. And that's because of one thing: money. But she's determined to go. She will FIND a way to matter the costs. K+
iChips Ever seen that picture on Flickr? It's called "00006qez". This is my explanation of what happened. T
iGet Her Back Takes place in the phone-licking-scene in "iRocked the Vote." This is what I would have liked to happen. K