iThink they kissed:

Carly asks Sam and Freddie if they enjoyed their kiss, to which they look at eachother, but before any could answer, Spencer interupted them. Seddiers believe they enjoyed it ;)


iSpeed Date:

When Sam claims that if a boy wants her, he has to ask her out, the camera focuses on Freddie's face. Maybe a backstage hint?

After an insult, Freddie takes out a bag of bacon, and in order to get it, Sam says "Wow Freddie, i never realised what a hot hunk of man you really are". She said this quickly, even without a thought before hand.

During the last scene, Sam walks in on Freddie and Carly slow dancing, and upon this, she silently leaves. As she closed the door, she looked back at them, and seemed to be upset.

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iFind Lewberts lost love:

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