ICan't Take It
Season 5, Episode 3
Air date 17 September 2011
Written by Dan Schnieder
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iDate Sam & Freddie
iLove You
iCan't Take It is the third episode of Season 5 of iCarly. It is also the third episode of the four-episode storyline stemming of iOMG.


Gibby helps Mrs. Benson break up Sam and Freddie because Mrs. Benson doesnt want Freddie to date Sam. However, Sam is mean to Gibby because she's dating Freddie.


  • The working title for this episode was originally "iBreak Up". The current title as of now is "iCan't Take It", confirmed by Dan.
  • Some scenes in this episode were shown in promos for iLost My Mind and iDate Sam & Freddie.
  • This is the tenth time Nathan and Jennette have had an on-screen kiss thus far for iCarly. The first as Sam and Freddie in iKiss, the second as Freddie and Melanie in iTwins. They've also had to kiss twice for iOMG as Sam and Freddie, where Dan revealed they shot the kiss two different ways. Then, the one after that in iLost My Mind and twice in iDate Sam & Freddie and twice for iCan't Take It - not counting practice kisses or do-overs. And the fifth for Sam and Freddie.
  • Spencer yells, What?!
  • Spencer's pants randomly fall down again like they did in iGot A Hot Room.
  • The bit where Spencer causes stuff to randomly catch on fire is in this episode. This time it's his his stove-top and oven where he is cooking and baking while wearing a chef's hat.
  • iCarly tweeted Reason #5 why the BRAND NEW iCarly is gonna be awesome: Spencer opens a bakery. In. His. Loft. Why? Find out Saturday!
  • iCarly tweeted Reason #4 why the BRAND NEW iCarly is gonna be great: Gibby sings a love song to someone!
  • iCarly tweeted "Reason #3 to watch the next iCarly is 'cuz it's gonna be awesome. Don't believe us? Watch a sneak peek here! " However it is only a link to the first promo for this episode posted on and not an actual sneak peek.
  • iCarly posted another link to the first and possible only promo for this episode "The next episode of iCarly is this Saturday at 8! It's called "iCan't Take It" and is going to be fan-bat-tastic :P" via iCarly's Official Facebook page.
  • iCarly tweeted "Reason #2 why the BRAND NEW iCarly is gonna be great: There's MORE Sam & Freddie! Check out our Sam Vs. Freddie quiz: "
  • iCarly tweeted "Reason #1 y the NEW iCarly's gonna be epic: George The Bra is BACK! Play Bust A Ghost if u miss George & watch tmrw @ 8"
  • This is the first episode of iCarly in awhile with only one promo.