Season 2, Episode 7
Air date January 3, 2008
Written by Dan Schneider
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Plot Summary Edit

Main PlotEdit

In this episode, while talking about first kisses, Freddie confesses to Carly that he's never kissed a girl. He quickly makes her promise to never tell Sam, for fear she would tease him, but Sam overhears. Because of an earlier occurence, Sam has to get back at Freddie. She does so by saying that Freddie has never kissed girl while doing iCarly. Freddie is extremely embrassed. He is teased and tormented at school, but Sam finally realizes how much she hurt Freddie, and she releases a secret of her own. She tells the iCarly watchers that she has never kissed anyone either, and leaves to go talk to Freddie. One thing leads to another, and the two kiss "just to get it over with."

Spencer side plotEdit

Meanwhile, Spencer trains to become a Seattle Cobras football player.

Seddie Implications/HintsEdit

From a fan standpoint, this episode was mainly the turning point for most watchers--they saw the chemistry, liked it, and converted to our wonderful Seddie.