IReunite With Missy
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date May 16, 2009
Written by Jake Farrow
Directed by Adam Weissman
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iReunite With Missy is the 20th episode of season 2 of iCarly.


An old friend of Carly's named Missy Robinson (Haley Ramm) has come back into her life, making Sam feel left out. After a series of events unfold where Sam is a victim of being sent to the wrong place, her phone being dropped in Wahoo punch, and Missy giving her rancid chocolate, she believes that Missy is out to get her. Carly thinks Sam may be jealous or paranoid, unable to see that Missy is a mean person. However, she soon realizes that these feelings are not motivated by jealousy. Missy admits to Sam that she did do horrible things to her so she can take her place as Carly's best friend again. Sam then attempts to get help from Freddie, only to be turned down. However, Freddie later on changes his mind and secretly decides to help her. Missy wins the six month School at Sea program (actually Freddie wins it and gives the trip to Missy) and states that she no longer needs to ruin sabotage Sam, which Carly overhears. Carly reaffirms that Sam is her only best friend. Missy leaves and the two girls make up. Meanwhile, as Spencer prepares for a camping trip with Socko and two girls they met in a junkyard, he gets trapped down in the basement by an old enemy.


Main CastEdit

Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay
Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett
Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson
Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay

Seddie ImplicationsEdit

  • Freddie appears offended by Sam being replaced throughout the episode.
  • On the iCarly webcast, when Missy fills in for Sam, Freddie wasn't very happy while he was filming.
  • While he sat near his loft door, right after Sam tried telling him that Missy really is replacing her, Freddie looked like he was about to cry.
  • Freddie wanted a 6-month around-the-world cruise, but he gave it to Missy so that Sam could stop being miserable.

Dan's CommentsEdit