Episode Summary

Main PlotEdit

In this episode, Carly has a huge crush on a Ridgeway boy Adam. After the webisode, Adam asks Carly out on a date. But, the iCarly gang has to go to Webicon that day, so Carly sadly says no. So, they go to webicon, where Freddie gets pulled into a mob of screaming girls, and Sam has to save him. But Freddie, after being saved, jumps right back in. When they answer questions, Stacy Dillsen (from Zoey 101), asks whats going on with Carly and Freddie's dating lives. They DENY. But Sam, having a little fun, tells the crowd that Carly and Freddie are deeply in love. This ruins Carly's chances of dating Adam. So Sam ties Adam up so he can watch them. The iCarly gang tries to tell everyone that nobody's dating, but fail, causing a fanwar between the Creddiers, and the SEDDIERS!!!!!! So then, Carly says she only wants to date Adam, so the crowd attacks him, and Carly, Sam, and Freddie leave.


While the iCarly gang is getting attacked by fans, Spencer dresses up as Aruthor, from one of his video games. At Webicon,he sees Aruthor's enemy Aspartamay (who is guest star Jack Black). They end up in a total nerd battle, their battle ends when Carly shows up and "kills" Aspartamay.