IThink They Kissed
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date September 12, 2009
Written by Steve Holland
Directed by Adam Weissman
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"iThink They Kissed" is the third season premiere of 'iCarly.' The episode originally aired on September 12, 2009. It was viewed by an average of 8.361 million viewers, making it one of the most viewed episodes of the third season.

Dan Schneider calls this episode the direct sequel to iKiss.


While doing an iCarly segment, Sam loses her tooth after she bites into a squash. Carly takes Sam to the dentistafter Sam admits that she hasn't gone ever since she was a little kid, 12 years ago. After having her tooth pulled, Sam, loopy because of the laughing gas (nitrous oxide), accidentally tells Carly that she and Freddie kissed (during the episode iKiss).

Spencer volunteers to teach art at a local prison where he gets attacked by one of the prisoners, but ends up making a gigantic pair of pants with the prisoners. Two of the prisoners hide in the pants which Spencer brings home. While Carly is confronting Freddie and Sam about their kiss, the two escaped prisoners sneak out of the giant pants and tape the iCarly gang to some chairs with silver duct tape and make a getaway. Carly continues to question her friends, but doesn't find out much. They all promise to no longer keep secrets from one another, and Carly asks questions about the kiss itself such as how long it lasted. When she then asks if they enjoyed the kiss, the question goes unanswered, as Spencer appears to get his banjo, then leaves, while they are still duct-taped together. They all try to work together to get out of the bind, and the show ends with the three of them falling over on the floor with Carly saying, "Well, that didn't work."

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