Note: This is only for major moments that show major character development. Minor moments belong on the Seddie page.


  • Sam feels guilty about revealing Freddie's secret, showing that she cares about him.
  • Sam and Freddie have their first kiss.

iReunite With MissyEdit

  • Freddie gives away his free cruise to get rid of Missy, and Carly gets him to grudgingly admit he cares about Sam.


  • Sam is in love in this episode. Carly and Freddie try to get her to admit to him who it is and at the end we find out it's Freddie when she unexpectedly kisses him as he tells her to put her feelings out.
  • Note: Sam's mood is IN LOVE. Meaning, she does not have a crush or just likes Freddie. She already knows her feelings for him and is proved through the app.

iLost My MindEdit

  • Freddie kisses Sam on a live broadcast, letting her know he likes her back.

iDate Sam and FreddieEdit

iCan't Take ItEdit

  • Carly says Sam love Freddie and Sam admits it.

iLove YouEdit

  • They admit they love each other before breaking up.

iOpen a RestaurantEdit

  • Sam seems really upset when Freddie asks Carly if it's too late for her to love him.