RobSp1derp1g is an author who has written 3 stories for iCarly. He is a big Seddie fan, as well as a contributor to this wiki. He first got into iCarly after watching iSpeed Date and hearing a comment from his brother. He also makes episode reviews. He has also done a Seddie fanvideo.


Works by RobSp1derp1gEdit

Fan fiction Description Rating
Hidden Meaning What happens when a fan discovers there's a hidden meaning in one of Sam's favorite phrases? Seddie, adaptation of TrueJackVP408's "iShip Seddie". T

Songfic: Running Away

Basically, it's a songfic that will kinda set the mood for Hidden Meaning. The song is, you guessed it, Running Away. PREQUEL for Hidden Meaning. Seddie. Sam/Freddie.


On Camera Set during the last 4 minutes of iQuit iCarly. After analyzing a video of a camera that was mistakenly left on, Sam and Freddie discover what they truly feel about each other. Seddie. Sam/Freddie. T
iHate Your Guts Freddie has been having a thought he can't dismiss. So he writes it down, hoping it'll go away. It did. Sam/Freddie. Seddie. T
iHave an Unexpected Present Freddie does something unexpected during a bet. And the result is settled on Carly's Christmas "party". Rated K . Seddie. Sam/Freddie



He has made a Seddie fanvideo using the song "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon.

He has made a How I Met Your Mother/iCarly mashup which the fandom loved.

iCarly ReviewerEdit

He has a blog in which he does iCarly reviews, always making sure his Seddie views are separated from the reviews.


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